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Table of contents

"What Every Property Investor needs to know about Finance, Tax and the Law - by Michael Yardney, with Rolf Schaefer, Ed Chan and Rob Balanda"

PART ONE Why you should build a property investment business
CHAPTER 1 What you must do to become rich
CHAPTER 2 Does money make you rich?
CHAPTER 3 The four levels of investing
CHAPTER 4 Wealth building investment concepts
CHAPTER 5 Wealth accelerators used by the rich
CHAPTER 6 The big secrets of the rich
CHAPTER 7 The myth of investment risk

PART TWO The rules of property investment
CHAPTER 8 Getting in the property game
CHAPTER 9 4 Mistakes all property investors must avoid

PART THREE Using finance as an accelerator for wealth
CHAPTER 10 The power of leverage
CHAPTER 11 How to get more money from the banks
CHAPTER 12 Insider tips to get banks to lend you more
CHAPTER 13 Riding the real estate roller coaster
CHAPTER 14 Get your loan structure right
CHAPTER 15 How to choose the right investment loan
CHAPTER 16 How to overcome the hurdles of being self employed
CHAPTER 17 Finance brokers as middle men
CHAPTER 18 What you should consider when refinancing
CHAPTER 19 The differfence between a LOC and offset account
CHAPTER 20 Lenders mortgage insurance

PART FOUR Using tax as an accelerator for wealth
CHAPTER 21 Understanding the tax advantages of property investment
CHAPTER 22 Tax basics for property investors
CHAPTER 23 Tax strategies of the wealthy
CHAPTER 24 Interest deductions and negative gearing
CHAPTER 25 Repairs and maintenance
CHAPTER 26 Appreciating depreciation
CHAPTER 27 Structures for success
CHAPTER 28 What is a company?
CHAPTER 29 What is a trust?
CHAPTER 30 What is a discretionary trust?
CHAPTER 31 Other types of trusts
CHAPTER 32 Okay, now explain more about this trust thing to me
CHAPTER 33 Michael’s top tax tips

PART FIVE A little bit about the law and property
CHAPTER 34 How sophisticated investors manage their risks and protect their assets
CHAPTER 35 Negotiating tips
CHAPTER 36 Investor pitfalls to avoid
CHAPTER 37 Some buying issues you should be aware of
CHAPTER 38 What you need to know about leases, tenancies and possession
CHAPTER 39 Some tips about searches, investigations and due diligence

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